Solar Control Films

Heat Reduction

Our window films offer up to 82% reduction in solar energy when compared to clear glass. Window film can reduce hotspots and create a more comfortable environment while reducing air conditioning costs and cutting down annoying glare.

Reduce Fading

Damage to flooring and furnishings caused by the effects of the sun can run to thousands of pounds. Our window films reduce heat and cut out up to 99% of UV rays. These two factors, combined with visible light, are the main contributors of fading. UV films are available in near optically clear as well as  a range of tints.

Solar control window films are thin, adhesive backed films that are applied to internal or external glass. They can reduce harmful and damaging UV rays while giving significant reductions in ambient room temperature, contributing to energy savings and improving personal comfort.

Solar radiation comprises of visible light, which is what we see, infrared, which is what we feel as heat, and ultraviolet rays, which are invisible. The various tints, absorption and reflective qualities of the films act as a barrier to eliminate up to 99% of the harmful UV rays while also reducing the visible light and heat.

Skin Health

The sun's rays are made up of UVC, which is absorbed by the ozone

layer. Modern day glass absorbs the majority of the UVB, which is 

why you don't get sunburned behind glass (and why the reaction lenses in spectacles don't fully darken).This just leaves the UVA rays. It's these rays that contribute to eye damage, premature  skin aging and skin cancer. Our window films reduce the UV rays entering your building by up to 99%. 

We carry window films by Opalux and Johnson Window Films. Johnson Window Films are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as effective UV protectants.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends these products as effective UV protectants.

All Johnson Window Films, except: White Frost, Anti Graffiti and 2 Mil, 4 Mil and 7 Mil clear safety films are recommended as effective UV protectants.