Safety and Security Films

Safety and security films are usually applied to the inside surface of the window and prevent the glass shattering in the event of a breakage. These films are optically clear. Some are also available with solar control and UV protection of up to 99% reducing damage to property caused by fading as well as skin damage. In a range of thicknesses, safety films are designed to hold fragments together and offer protection against flying glass in the event of an accidental breakage. 

Security films come in a range of thicknesses and are designed to protect against vandalism and theft. Although it will not deter the most persistent thief, it will take more time and effort to break through. The thickest films also offer blast protection when combined with an edge retention system which anchors the film to the frame.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends these products as effective UV protectants.

All Johnson Window Films, except: White Frost, Anti Graffiti and 2 Mil, 4 Mil and 7 Mil clear safety films are recommended as effective UV protectants.